To be held at Triavium Ice Rink, in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on September 29-30  2017.




Friday, September, 29

18:00 h Ladies / Men AllRound and Sprint    500 meters

  Ladies / Men AllRound and Sprint  1000 meters

  Ladies / Men AllRound  1500 meters

  Ladies / Men Allround  3000 meters



Saturday, September 30

18:00 h Ladies / Men AllRound and Sprint    500 meters

  Ladies / Men AllRound and Sprint  1000 meters

  Ladies / Men AllRound  1500 meters

  Ladies / Men AllRound  3000 meters

  Men AllRound  5000 meters


**Start times may be moved if necessary General Regulations

The Dutch Classics Competition will be held in accordance with the 2016 International Skating Union Regulations. It is listed on the Dutch Skating Union Calendar of Events.


Sanctioned by


Speed Skating KNSB-Holland and the NSV-Speed Skating Association.


The Track


Triavium Ice Rink is a fully enclosed speed skating facility with a speed skating track of 333,333m to the lap. The refrigerated ice track has a 2-meter wide warm-up lane. The radii of the inner and outer competition lanes are 26 and 30 meters respectively. The width of the inner track is 4 meters and that of the outer track is 4 meters.




Any bonafide member of the International Skating Union may compete in the Dutch Classics Competition, provided that the member is properly registered with the Organizing Committee and approved by their member Country.


Citizenship/Residence Requirements and Clearance Procedure


In accordance with Rule 109 of the ISU Regulations and ISU Communication No. 1420, all skaters who do not have the nationality of the Member by which they have been entered or who, although having such nationality, have in the past represented another Member, must produce an ISU Clearance Certificate.




In accordance with the Rule 119, paragraph 1, the International Skating Union, the 2017 Dutch Classic Competition event staff, and Triavium  Ice Rink assume no responsibility for, or liability with respect to bodily or personal injury or loss of property or damage incurred in connection with the 2017 Dutch Classic Competition.

Each Skater is solely responsible for providing health insurance coverage there to.

See ISU art 107


Drawing, Composition of Pairs and Starting Order of Pairs


The draw meeting will take place at Triavium Nijmegen on Friday, September 29 at 16:00.




Dutch Classic distances will be 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 (5000 for men) as singel distances. There is also 2x500m and 2x1000m in a Sprint Competition, a 500-1500-1000-3000m in a Small Allround Competition, and a 500-1000-500-1500-3000m in a Mini Allround Competition.

Note:  Skaters may skate individual distances in this competition.

Special Races, only if requisted:  10,000m in 2-pers start.


Training times


Contact Triavium Yce-Rink for Training Times. See also training in september on the website.


Athlete Check-In


Skaters may check in at Triavium Ice Rink Front Office on Friday September 29 from 15:30 to 17:30.

All paperwork and entry fees must be completed by 17:30 or skaters will not be included in the draw and not allowed to compete.




Transportation will not be provided between the airport and the hotel or between the hotel and Triavium Ice Rink. Please make your own arrangements.

List of Hotels see www.vvvnijmegen.nl


Sanadome. *****

Weg door Jonkersbos 90

6532 SZ  Nijmegen Telephone: 0031-24-359 72 00

 Email: meeting-nijmegen@scandic-hotels.com



Val Monte ****

Oude Holleweg 5

6572 AA Berg en Dal/Nijmegen        Telephone: 0031-24-684 20 00

 E-mail: info@goldentuliptop.com



Rozenhof **


Nijmeegsebaan 114

6564 CC Heilge Land Stichting/Nijmegen    Telephone: 0031-24-323 03 59

 E-mail: info@rozenhof.nl



Jonkerbosch **

Burgemeester Daleslaan 23

6532 CL  Nijmegen Telephone: 0031-24-350 03 35

 E-mail: info@jonkerbosch-bv.nl



Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent


Hertog Eduardplein 4

6663 AN Nijmegen    Telephone: 0031-24-792 02 00

 E-mail: nijmegen@valk.nl



Hotel Nimma


Weurtseweg 478

6541 BE Nijmegen    Telephone: 0031-24-844 40 07

 E-mail: welcome@hotelnimma.nl



Entry Fees


The entry fee is €18.00 for each race of one or two distances. For the competition the entry fee is €30.00 for 4 races (2 days).

Note: There is a restriction for number of races of 2 races a day.

Please make cheque or money order payable to Triavium Ice Rink.

Visa and MasterCard are also accepted.  See entry form for details.


Send entries to:



Choose Dutch Classics

For questions:    inschrijven.bgp@gmail.com




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